NOT FOR SALE! 8 Things you should NEVER sacrifice for a paycheck

Compensation is a big word with many parts to it. There’s your base salary, bonuses, vacation time, retirement, health and wellness benefits, perks like free parking, cell phone discounts and more. Typically, most cling to the base salary and for good reason. This is your paycheck. This is what you’ll be bringing home to pay your bills and take care of your family. It’s easy to understand why this takes center stage in your thoughts, career choices and negotiations, but you have to put some limits here.

As you grow in your career and begin making more money, there are certain things that should never be for sale.

Here are 8 things that you never want to give up no matter how big the pay check:

  1. Time with your family – Time with your loved ones is priceless. Make the memories while you can.
  2. Religious Beliefs – Everyone needs a spiritual center and some spend most of their lives searching for one. If you’re blessed enough to have this, don’t lose it.
  3. Physical health – If it’s making you sick, forget the money. Quit!
  4. Mental health – If it’s driving you crazy, forget the money. Quit!
  5. Emotional health – No amount of money is worth you crying in the bathroom every day.
  6. Time for yourself – Balance is necessary.
  7. Happiness – Money can’t buy happiness
  8. Job fulfillment – A large paycheck doesn’t equal fulfillment.

With many high paying jobs and career choices, there is a tradeoff. While you may walk away with more money, you may also spend less time with your family. You may be under more stress than before and begin to resent your role even though you’re being paid very well. Take all of this into consideration when deciding on a new opportunity.

What are you really negotiating for? What’s really important to you? Be sure that you’re not sacrificing the priceless things for a large paycheck.



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