Career Coaching

take command of your career

Strategize Your next move

Whether it's growing in your own organization, joining a new one or launching your own - we can help.

make more money

Maybe you're negotiating a pending offer. Maybe you're up for a promotion or a raise. Either way - working with a professional ensures you won't leave money on the table.

conquer burnout

Burnout is real and pretending it isn't, doesn't help. Placing unhealthy expectations on yourself and beating yourself up when you don't meet them, leads to misery and trauma. End the cycle. Learn how to find the balance and put your sanity and personal health first.

find your voice

It's OK to say No. It's OK to disagree and it's OK to stand up for yourself. We can show you how.

Choose the perfect option for you

Some problems at work can be solved in 1 session. Others require more time and attention. No matter the challenge, we can work with you to arrive at a solution.


Per session


1 month coaching package


3 months coaching PACKAGE

Fees shown above are for non-executive level (new grad, recent grad, entry level and mid-level). For executive level (Officer level, GM, and C-suite), please contact us.

what our clients have to say

"This was my first experience working with a professional, and Offer Stage was outstanding!"
Scott R.
Project Manager
"I'm thankful I decided to work with Offer Stage"
Milena M.
Social Worker