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Pamela Shand, CPRW & Founder of Offer Stage Consulting, LLC

Subtle Tricks Companies Use To Find The Right Person

“Instead of inviting a candidate to a boring conference room, host a fun event and invite active and passive candidates you hope to hire. Arrange a mixer or chocolate tasting…”

6 Signs You’ve Found the Right Candidate

“…This tells me they’re genuinely interested in the organization and not just looking for a job. It means they will want to build a career with us and not jump ship the minute someone offers a larger paycheck.”

How Do I Get That Job?

In this episode, HDIGTJ speaks with Pamela Shand. Pamela is an HR professional that has worked with some of the world’s largest companies. Now, she is the Founder of “The Offer Stage LLC.”

We discuss the difference between soft, transferable, and technical skills; as meeting “blooming where you are planted”. 

How LinkedIn Benefits Your Career

In this video, Offer Stage Consulting CEO, Pamela Shand, joins with global resume writing and career coaching firm CV Owl to educate job seekers on LinkedIn and how it can truly add value to their careers.

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