The Offer Stage Brand

Our Story

The Offer Stage Consulting brand is the vision and brainchild of Founder & CEO, Pamela Shand. After years in corporate recruitment, working side by side with business leaders and job seekers, challenging them to be better, she launched Offer Stage to provide serious help, empowerment, and education through career coaching, resume writing, social media, workshops, webinars, and trainings.

Career Growth

Make the most out of your transferable skills. Go after the role you really want. Highlight and market your value to your dream company.

Resumes & Cover Letters

ATS optimized, clean, content focused resumes & cover letters that get you the interview so you can get the job.

Recruitment Consulting

Hiring is critical to the growth of any business. Our consulting practices help you hire the right talent, the right way saving you time, money and helping your business grow the right way.

Interview Prep

The interview is necessary to reach the offer. Our training caters to both job seekers and employers building your confidence and making sure your managing this step the right way.

Outplacement Support

Having to reduce your workforce is not easy. It’s hard on your business and your people. We join with you to prepare your people for the transition and make this easier for everyone.

Leadership Development

Leadership doesn’t require a title, position, or even a team of direct reports. It’s not about bossing others around. Throw out those old notions and learn how to truly lead.

What is the offer stage?

Those in recruitment know exactly what the offer stage is. It’s the best part of the hiring process. The offer stage is the part of the process when the job offer goes out. It represents success. Whether job seeker or employer, this is the desired goal and we’re here to help you reach that goal.

genuine support

We are your success partners. We believe in you, truly support you, stand behind you, encourage you, and hold you accountable for your own success.

We know you can do this and are genuinely here to guide you through your process.


Empowerment is built into everything we do. It’s built into every coaching session, training, consultation, and strategy. It’s not enough to hand you the tools, it’s about empowering you to use them with confidence and see results.

added value

Whether it’s improved confidence, more interviews, job offers, improved leadership skills, happier employees, or overall business growth, Offer Stage works with you to drive results.