NOT FOR SALE! 8 Things you should NEVER sacrifice for a paycheck

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Compensation is a big word with many parts to it. There’s your base salary, bonuses, vacation time, retirement, health and wellness benefits, perks like free parking, cell phone discounts and more. Typically, most cling to the base salary and for good reason. This is your paycheck. This is what you’ll be bringing home to pay […]

“I Had NO Idea!”

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I remember being a young coordinator happy to have my first real job out of undergrad. I interviewed successfully, got my offer letter and had been on-board for about a year. It was annual review time. I had filled out my employee portion and my manager completed hers. I had my note pad, my copy […]

6 Signs you’re working with an Insecure Boss

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Working with an insecure boss can be difficult, stressful and downright annoying! Apprehensive managers demotivate staff and may even force good workers out of the organization. Their insecurities can breed paranoia, lack of trust and eventually eat away at the harmony of any team. An insecure manager will refuse to mentor their direct reports and […]

3 Steps to Conquering Your Anxiety as a New Manager

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As a new manager, you’ll come face to face with loads of new tests and trials. You’re suddenly responsible for other people. You have to make hiring decisions, partner with HR to resolve employee disputes and payroll issues. You’re now responsible for creating and maintain schedules, designing training plans and being the bad guy from […]