10 Top Career Resolutions for 2018

The start of a new year is a busy time for everyone including the companies you may want to work with.

For many, this is the time of year when new positions are created and approved. A ton of interviews are scheduled and offers extended.

For YOU, this means that if you’re considering a career move, now is the time to strike.

Taking advantage of my top 10 career resolutions below will help you move forward in the right ways.

  1. Take a risk

Employers want to know that you’re confident and able to make the tough decision when necessary. This means taking intelligent risks. You’ll never grow by playing it safe. You’re going to have to be comfortable walking by faith. If you have trouble doing this and find yourself stuck in your comfort zone, now is the time to make the change.

  1. Work for yourself

This doesn’t mean that you run out, establish an LLC and hire staff. This could simply mean you take on a few freelancing assignments or start consulting on the side to build your skill set, experience and establish yourself as a subject matter expert. It’s a fantastic way to turn yourself into a more desirable candidate while creating another stream of income for yourself. Update your LinkedIn profile with this new information. Create business cards and let everyone know that you are the go-to person for their needs.

  1. Invest in yourself

Have you been dying to finish your education or earn a specific certification? Have you always fantasized about attending an out of state conference or exclusive networking organization? What about your weight loss goals? Let 2018 be the year you invest in yourself. Invest your time, energy and money in you!

You already have a vision for yourself. Dedicate this year to make that vision a reality.

  1. Mentor someone

The best way to be better, is to make someone else better. Be there for someone else. Lend a hand to a young person who wants to be where you are but doesn’t know how to get there. Visit your old high school or university. Speak on a panel. Volunteer your time. Create a blog sharing free advice. No one gets where they are on their own. Pay it forward.

  1. Update your resume

The New Year brings with it personnel changes in any organization. Employers are looking at budgets and using this time to either make cuts or add to staff. Employees who aren’t satisfied begin to job hunt and interview. This is the perfect time to update your resume.

  1. Save money

The job market, much like life is unpredictable. Sudden changes like job loss are easier to manage when you’ve got a financial cushion. Consider investing as a way to build on your savings better preparing yourself for the future. Partner with a financial planner if you need to but get a plan in place to save money for the future.

  1. Read

We’ve all heard the term “reading is fundamental.” It is. Entrepreneur magazine recently published an article listing reading as a primary success habit of wealthy people. CNBC listed reading as one of the 7 “rich habits” of highly successful people and Business Insider reported simply – “rich people like to read.” If you plan on having a financially prosperous 2018, it’s pretty clear that reading needs to be a huge part of that plan.

  1. Face your fears

“Fear has two meanings. Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise – The choice is yours.” Fear is like that bully in grade school. As long as you are running from it, it appears to be a huge scary thing. Once you stand up to that bully, it immediately becomes a non-issue. Everything you’ve ever wanted in your career (and in your life) lies on the other side of your fears. Let 2018 be the year you finally face your fears.

  1. Collaborate

There is strength in numbers. If you want to get to the next level in 2018, reach out to like-minded individuals. Step away from your computer for a moment and network. Shake hands, do lunch, get coffee, share your expertise and learn from someone else. Develop meaningful relationships with other professionals. Connect with those who are where you’re trying to be. In 2018 don’t compete – collaborate.

  1. Value all that you are

If no one’s told you this yet, you’re a pretty big deal. In the coming year, make the decision to value all that you are. Whatever label you’d use to identify yourself – introvert, extrovert, passionate, intelligent, outspoken, loud, etc. All of that has great value and when used correctly, can bring great success your way. One of the biggest challenges so many professionals face is the inability to see their own value. They don’t see the value in what they know, who they know and the experiences they’ve had. You fail to negotiate because you don’t believe you’re worth the big paycheck. You avoid challenges because you believe you can’t surmount them. Imposter syndrome is everywhere.

This has got to stop! Let 2018 be the year you start to really appreciate all of who you are!


Happy New Year!


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One thought on “10 Top Career Resolutions for 2018

  1. I totally agree with all your tips, but my favorite one is number 9 – Collaborate. I used to isolate myself because I thought that I don’t need other people to handle my tasks. But suddenly I realize that because of this isolation I can’t ask people for help, for example. Why would they help me if they do not know me?
    So, be social. It’s really important not only for your career.

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