Marketing Skills Equal Success in Your Job Search

Typically when one thinks of marketing, they think of about advertising strategies you might find on social media ads or commercials that convince a targeted audience to purchase something. They think of selling a product or service. They may not think about how these ideals tie into their job search, but they should.

As a job seeker, whether passive or active, you’re not just a candidate. You are the CEO of a one man/woman organization and you need to see yourself that way. The biggest mistake made by so many clients I work with is the failure to market themselves properly on their resumes. Just like any other business, great marketing and advertising leads to success. Think of your knowledge, skills and abilities as products or services you provide. Your resume is the way in which you market them to a potential employer AKA your targeted audience.

Start building and nurturing your personal brand. You’re not just another manager, you’re not just another accountant, etc. Think about the things that set you apart from those who share your job title and identify yourself as a specialist. Your resume and LinkedIn profile should reflect that personal brand and sell you as the in demand authority on whatever it is you do.

I hope this helps you to change the way you see yourself, and puts you on the path to shaping your personal brand and marketing yourself effectively.

Best of luck to you!

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