You’ve got less than 10 seconds…

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We’ve all heard that an applicant’s resume is only viewed for 6-10 seconds before they’re either contacted or their resume is “round filed.” That’s not a long time. Quite frankly, employers don’t have much more time than that. Any single job ad attracts hundreds to thousands of applications and employers often have several jobs advertised […]

6 Signs Your Interview Isn’t Going Anywhere

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Have you ever been in an interview that you were pretty sure wasn’t going well? Perhaps things started out well and went south or started off badly and continued to get worse. Sometimes your interviewer is just throwing you off. Not wanting to give anything away, some interviewers only pretend to be detached when they’re […]

The Biggest Lie Résumé Writers Tell Potential Clients

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I started writing résumés professionally about 5 years ago. I’ve been in Recruitment for 10 years and after helping my friends, family and their friends with their résumés, I decided to create Offer Stage Consulting. My goal was always to help people. So many struggle with finding the words to express themselves professionally or lack […]

5 Ways to Spot a Toxic Culture

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In today’s social media driven, global community, the inner workings of any organization are front and center for all to see. Anyone can visit websites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn to get informed on anything from salary info and the hiring process to worker grievances and company culture. A great culture yields engaged employees, higher productivity […]

Marketing Skills Equal Success in Your Job Search

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Typically when one thinks of marketing, they think of about advertising strategies you might find on social media ads or commercials that convince a targeted audience to purchase something. They think of selling a product or service. They may not think about how these ideals tie into their job search, but they should. As a […]