The Biggest Lie Résumé Writers Tell Potential Clients

I started writing résumés professionally about 5 years ago. I’ve been in Recruitment for 10 years and after helping my friends, family and their friends with their résumés, I decided to create Offer Stage Consulting. My goal was always to help people. So many struggle with finding the words to express themselves professionally or lack the confidence to market themselves the way they should. They leave out high level projects they led or contributed to significantly, use an antiquated format that guarantees their résumé will be discarded or make silly mistakes like using an unprofessional email address. I’ve seen it all and there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing someone who’s qualified for a role miss out on it because of their résumé.

A bad résumé can cost you the job because it can cost you the interview. That is, after all, the purpose of your résumé – to get you the interview. That’s it! That’s all the résumé does. That’s the end game. We will all tell you that it’s a marketing tool, an introduction to a potential employer or a way to present yourself professionally on paper which is true. It is all of these and more. It is a marketing tool that introduces you skillfully and sells you to an employer (or client) so you can get your interview and that’s a good thing!

It gets your foot in the door and gets the interviewer excited about you. Now, you just have to bring it home in the interview.

The résumé does NOT get you hired. This may seem shocking to many, but it’s true. I know there are many “professional” résumé writing services out there assuring potential clients that their résumés will get you the job.

That’s a lie.

Some even offer money back guarantees (not sure how they’re still functioning and I’m pretty sure there’s a catch in there somewhere).

The “our résumés will get you hired” promise is a lie and quite frankly the biggest lie résumé writing services sell to unsuspecting clients. Don’t fall for it. Avoid the trap and invest in yourself the right way. Seek out a professional resume writer who will be honest with you and truly give you the help you need.

Best of luck to you!


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