6 Signs you’re working with an Insecure Boss

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Working with an insecure boss can be difficult, stressful and downright annoying! Apprehensive managers demotivate staff and may even force good workers out of the organization. Their insecurities can breed paranoia, lack of trust and eventually eat away at the harmony of any team. An insecure manager will refuse to mentor their direct reports and […]

Confidence is key!!

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“Self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it.” ~Gloria Steinem Confidence is key! You’d be surprised to see how many careers are ruined by a lack of self esteem, confidence and belief in one’s self. This is one of the main issues Offer Stage tackles. It’s more than just giving you a strong resume […]

What we can all learn from a “Professional TV Watcher.”

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The creativity of today’s job seekers and entrepreneurs never ceases to amaze me. With everyone being so focused on standing out from the crowd and creating a marketable persona for themselves, resourceful job hunters have come up with everything from clever job titles to ingenious ways to sell their knowledge, skills and abilities (check out […]

Marketing Skills Equal Success in Your Job Search

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Typically when one thinks of marketing, they think of about advertising strategies you might find on social media ads or commercials that convince a targeted audience to purchase something. They think of selling a product or service. They may not think about how these ideals tie into their job search, but they should. As a […]