Résumé Writing 101: Keywords are NOT enough.

Keywords are NOT enough.

Tell your story and connect the dots between who you are and the job itself!

Your résumé isn’t just being evaluated by the ATS, it’s also being screened and scrutinized by an HR pro, recruiter, and hiring manager who’s hired for this role before. They won’t be moved by a bunch of buzz words.

They want to know your story – where you’re coming from, what you’ve done, and why they should care. Liking you is one part of the equation; the other part is convincing them that hiring you is a good business decision. Let’s discuss how to do that.


Some tips to keep in mind:

👉🏾Evaluate the job description carefully. There are clues in job descriptions that tell you what the company is like, the culture, and their core values. You’ll also find the requirements; the must-haves and the nice-to-haves. Ask yourself, “Do I have these skills?” “How have I used them?” “How have I added value using them?” The answers to these questions will help you create content for your resume.

👉🏾Use free tools like JobScan or SkillSyncer to identify high value keywords and soft skills you can include. These tools are used by professional resume writers and career coaches. They have free versions that any job seeker can use to gain a competitive advantage in their job searches.

👉🏾Think about your path and how it speaks to the job. Many hiring managers are more attracted to resumes that demonstrate specific skills, types of experience, industry knowledge, etc. If you have these skills or types of experience and it isn’t on your current resume, you’ll want to add it to your new resume.

👉🏾Find a résumé format that works for you. Chronological, functional, or combination – find the format that works best for you. Depending on the story you’re trying to tell, you may want to use one, the other, or a combination. 

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Filling your résumé with keywords won’t get you anywhere if you’re unable to demonstrate that you can do the job and hiring you will be a good decision. By implementing these tips, you’ll see results in your job search! 

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