Use LinkedIn to Ease the Pain of Mass Layoffs

Layoffs are the worst – especially around this time of year. The fact that so many feel comfortable sharing their layoffs here is a testament to the LinkedIn community. With that said, even if you aren’t actively hiring right now, there are ways you can support anyone who announces they were part of a layoff:

✔️Engage with their post – By you engaging, you increase the reach, improving their chances of being seen by someone who can help.

✔️If you’re a recruiter, sourcer, or hiring manager in their field, reach out. Offer to arrange a brief informational chat (15-20 minutes). New jobs are always opening and it would be great to have a pipeline full of strong talent before you need it.

✔️Share their name or company with someone you know. If you’re not hiring but know someone who is, click the share button, send a text, mention their name, share the link to their profile. We’re seeing a ton of layoffs in large tech firms while others are hiring. Sharing their profile increases their chances of being noticed by someone who would hire them today!

If you’re the victim of a layoff and ready to get back to work (some may not be, and that’s OK), and want to be noticed, there are things you can do.

🤎Leverage your LinkedIn network. Whether it’s a public announcement, use of the green frame, or a series of private messages – let those who are hiring know you’re looking.

🤎Update the top portion of your LinkedIn profile to include the kind of job titles you’re interested in. This will make sure the right jobs find you!

🤎Update the job details and skills section of your profile. When you’re focused on work there isn’t much thought out into this but now is a great time to include skills, projects, and accomplishments you added recently.

🤎 Request recommendations or share positive feedback you received. Doing this builds confidence in your abilities, making it easier for those who haven’t worked with you directly to connect you to new opportunities.

🤎 Update your résumé so that WHEN you receive that call/email/Inmail you are ready to share an updated résumé and LinkedIn profile, and speak to your recent accomplishments and value adds.

Job hunting is not fun but by leveraging your community and preparing yourself, you can see success.

Best of luck to you all!


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