The Offer Stage Story

My first job out of undergrad was Recruiting Coordinator at a global investment bank.

Typically, a coordinator provides admin support to the recruitment team in one form or another (scheduling, reports, offer letters, postings, etc.)

I spent most of my day rejecting candidates.
My training came in 2 sentences: “If they applied directly, make sure you clean up the feedback, so it doesn’t sound mean. If they applied through an agency, you don’t have to clean it up as much. The agency will do it for you.” 

That was it.

Managers & Executives would send me horrible emails with harsh feedback that I had to clean up and send to the recipient. I quickly learned how candidates are seen, judged, and picked apart at all stages of the hiring process. 

I started to wonder why this kept happening.
I noticed some of the common themes like errors in the resume, not selling their skills, and not showing up properly prepared for interviews. Much of this wasn’t their fault. They didn’t know HOW to prepare. They didn’t know their audience, but I did, and these were, from my perspective, easily fixable. 

At the same time, I had friends graduating after me and wondering how to get a job. Those that were employed, were underpaid and frustrated. Wanting to help and feeling like I had the cheat code to hiring at this point, I said “Send me your resume. I look at resumes all day, and I’m in debrief meetings, so I get all the feedback. I can help.”

It worked! 

Friends (and friends of friends) landed interviews in less than a week after applying and offers on the spot!

That sparked the idea to start my own firm. That’s it. That’s the story.

Today, we’re a company aimed at getting professionals and employers through each stage of the process successfully to The Offer Stage.

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