Here Are The Subtle Tricks Companies Use To Find The Right Person

There is one problem most companies face during the interview process: how can you determine whether a candidate is portraying themselves authentically? Will the well-coiffed interviewee with perfect manners show their true colors three months into their new role? Is the interview process going to accidentally weed out someone who is brilliant but shy? Companies only interview around 2% of the people who applyand the stakes are considerably high to make those interviews as accurate as possible. Here are some creative interview scenarios companies use to help people let their guard down and show their true selves.

Group interviews can also more closely mimic the dynamics of everyday teamwork. Pamela Shand, CEO of Offer Stage Consulting suggested activities for larger or more social groups. “Instead of inviting a candidate to a boring conference room, host a fun event and invite active and passive candidates you hope to hire. Arrange a mixer or chocolate tasting. One of the more creative group interviews I’ve coordinated happened over a night of bowling. Everyone relaxed and opened up. Hiring managers and candidates were able to trade in their suits for bowling shoes, be themselves and determine if they could really work together.

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