What do they want from me?!

Frustrated wondering what employers really want from you and your resume??

Unless you have a recruiter or hiring manager walking you though every application, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what an employer wants to see in your resume.

While each employer is unique, there are a few things they all want to see, and having these on your resume will seriously increase your chances of getting invited to an interview.


1. Language that speaks to the job. You’re application is being evaluated by an applicant tracking system. Without the right language, you’ll be rejected before a human being even sees your resume.

2. Professional and easy to find contact information. If they can’t find your email address or phone number, they can’t reach you. If they can’t reach you, you won’t be invited in for an interview.

3. Measurable Results. Number communicate value. Employers want to see this.



4. Career Trajectory. Employers want to see that you are ambitious and will grow in the organization. This shows employers that you’re not coming to put your feet up and relax – you’re coming to work!

5. A clean, well put-together, eye-catching format. Your format should be neat, applicant tracking system optimized, and easily readable.  It should be easy to see you as the person they need for the role.

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