3 Reasons You Can’t Find The Talent You Need

So many employers struggle to find the right talent for their organizations.  They invest time and money to attract, recruit, and onboard people they believe will help them take their business to the next level.

The frustrating part comes when you’ve used what seems like every tool out there, and still aren’t seeing the level of interest you expected. I find that there are a handful of reasons why employers struggle to attract and hire the kind of talent they need for their businesses. Below are 3 common mistakes (having nothing to do with money) you’re making when hiring. These are the mistakes keeping you from finding the talent you need.

  1. Failure to market the role properly

When you put a role out to the public, you have to do so in a way that lures potential candidates to the job. You want to attract as many people as possible. The person viewing it might be the perfect fit or they may know someone who is and be willing to share it – either way, you want to get your job in front of as many qualified eyes as possible.

The problem is so many employers don’t understand that, just as job seekers are competing for your role, you’re also competing for them. The war for talent is very real and if you aren’t marketing your job properly, you will post, pray and get absolutely nowhere.

Take the few extra steps to market your job properly. Think about what your ideal candidate wants to see and include that helpful information in your job ad. Just like marketing a product, you want to create a demand for your job and pull people in. Make it attractive and you’ll see the increase in traction.

2. Weak employer brand

Employer brand is super important. This is how those currently in or entering into the job market see you. This is how your customers see you. When your employer brand is strong, job seekers will flock to you whether you have an opening or not. Like a moth to the flame, they just want to be close to you and when you finally do have an opening you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from.

A weak employer brand has the opposite effect. When no one knows who you are, or worse, you have a bad reputation, no one will want to work for you. No matter what you post, no matter what’s happening, it will be a struggle for you to hire. You’ll also struggle with retention because those who agree to work with you, will soon leave the moment they see greener grass elsewhere

3. Poor candidates experience

Your candidates are your customers. When you forget that, you’re in big trouble. Thinking that your candidates are supposed to jump through hoops for you while you do the bare minimum for them is unacceptable. Studies have shown that poor candidate experience costs companies millions of dollars. Think about that the next time you’re carelessly late to an interview or curt in your conversation. Treat your candidates the way you’d like to be treated. It goes a long way. Even those who are turned down will continue to support your brand and speak highly of you, which will boost your employer brand and make you more attractive to passive and active job seekers.

Pamela Shand, CPRW is the Founder of Offer Stage Consulting and Author of How to Hire. She works with job seekers, universities, and employers to foster harmony and inclusion in the workplace.

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