Fact or Fiction: “I’m an internal candidate, I can relax! I’ve already got the job!”

Fact or Fiction is a recurring feature on the blog. Every so often I’ll post some common mistakes that job seekers make, shed some light on them and give you some good advice to help you avoid making this mistake!

FICTION: Many Internal applicants and candidates think that the position is already theirs and don’t put much effort into the interview which is the biggest mistake you can ever make! As an internal, there is more that is expected of you.

You are expected to be an expert on S.O.P.’s and if you’re hired, you are expected to hit the ground running. An external applicant doesn’t have the understanding of company culture that you’re expected to have so if they stumble at first, it’s not that bad.

Employers expect that they’ll need some training and time to adjust. You are expected to do more, be more, and excel faster so show your interviewer that you can do just that! Dress the part, act professionally (even if you’re interviewing with someone you have a good relationship with), answer the questions you’re asked the best way you can. Remember you’re still in competition with other candidates.

This is a real interview! Treat it like one!

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