10 Ways to Celebrate Have FUN at Work Day!!

Today is Have Fun at Work Day which is something everyone should celebrate.

Often times work can be so stressful so to help everyone, I’ve decided to share 10 ways you can have fun at work without getting in trouble with your HR department (Finance might be a bit upset though – these aren’t cheap) – Lol.

Try a few. Try them all! I hope you enjoy them. If you try them and like them, let me know!

  1. Jeans Day – Everyone from the mail-room to the executive office must wear jeans!
  2. Taco Tuesday – No explanation needed. Viva el taco!
  3. Picnic style lunch hour – Who doesn’t like having lunch outside?
  5. Give back – Take the afternoon off for some meaningful community service
  6. Ping-pong Tournament – It’s ok if you beat your boss
  7. Personal assistant giveaway – Treat your overworked Admins to a personal assistant for the day to grab their lunch, pick up their dry cleaning and keep their iPhone charged
  8. Carnival games for perks – Whoever gets the highest score on the Whack-a-mole gets access to one or two executive perks!
  9. All-day Recess! – Who didn’t look forward to recess when you were younger? Have a more adult version with a trip to Dave & Busters for the day.
  10. Family FUN – So many miss family time because of their work schedules. Take the afternoon off and head to Chuck E. Cheese or an indoor amusement park. Include food so no one has to hurry home to cook!

Happy Have Fun at Work Day!!

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