The Secret to A Great Resume: You Have To K.I.S.S. It!

“Keep it simple stupid!”

As someone who has a tendency to over think things, I can tell you that this is some

of the greatest advice I’ve ever gotten.

If you want to guarantee your resume gets the right attention from recruiters, employers, etc, keep it simple!

One of the biggest mistakes professionals and job seekers make is loading their resumes (and LinkedIn profiles) with too much fluff. It’s the idea that using so-called buzz words and giving them selves inflated titles makes them seem more important. It doesn’t. It just makes your resume harder to read because the reader now has to decode your resume which can be frustrating and a bit annoying.

Also, recruitment pros can read through the fluff so even though your resume reads “Organized Retail Crime Specialist,” we see “Security Guard” or “Mall Cop,” and it gives the impression that you are trying way to hard and probably don’t have the concrete skill sets I’m looking for.

Your resume (and LinkedIn profile) should be easy to read and should clearly state what you’re looking for, what you’ve done, and why you’re worth interviewing.  Keep it simple!

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