6 Signs you’re working with an Insecure Boss

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Working with an insecure boss can be difficult, stressful and downright annoying! Apprehensive managers demotivate staff and may even force good workers out of the organization. Their insecurities can breed paranoia, lack of trust and eventually eat away at the harmony of any team. An insecure manager will refuse to mentor their direct reports and […]

Climbing the corporate ladder may not be for you and that’s OK!

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Like many undergrads fresh out the starting gate, I couldn’t wait to get to work. I had a bright shiny new degree, a serious fire in my belly and student loans to think about. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to work in New York City, for a Fortune 500 brand, and build […]

Why Employee Appreciation Day is good for business

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It’s March 4th – Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Many don’t even know this day exists and if they do, they allow it to pass as if it is one of those cute holidays like National Chocolate Cake Day, however ignoring this day could be bad for business. How could this one day, if not acknowledged […]