Career Coaching Advice You Should NEVER Listen To

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As a Career Coach, I make it my business to keep my ear to the ground. I make it a point to stay plugged in to coaching and business trends, changes in technology and the job market itself. I often peruse LinkedIn reading articles and blog posts written by other coaches expecting to learn something […]

You are NOT a Circus Tiger! Stop jumping through hoops!

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I once knew a hiring manager that said things like, “I like to draw out the interview process on purpose. I need to see that they’re really interested. If they keep coming in, that shows me they really want the job.” He would ignore candidate follow up correspondence and play hard to get. He wanted […]

Confidence is key!!

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“Self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it.” ~Gloria Steinem Confidence is key! You’d be surprised to see how many careers are ruined by a lack of self esteem, confidence and belief in one’s self. This is one of the main issues Offer Stage tackles. It’s more than just giving you a strong resume […]

6 Signs Your Interview Isn’t Going Anywhere

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Have you ever been in an interview that you were pretty sure wasn’t going well? Perhaps things started out well and went south or started off badly and continued to get worse. Sometimes your interviewer is just throwing you off. Not wanting to give anything away, some interviewers only pretend to be detached when they’re […]

How Social Media Changed Pre-employment Checks

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Growing up, my mother always spoke about the importance of being on my best behavior and carrying myself well in public. She’d often say things like, “you never know who’s watching you.” This is something that stuck with me. It drilled in me the importance of a positive public presentation. It taught me about reputation […]