Acknowledge, Address and Adjust: How to Bounce Back After a Stupid Mistake

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Anyone who’s been in business for longer than a month (employee, employer or entrepreneur) has suffered through the experience of making a really stupid mistake. Perhaps you hit ‘reply to all,’ when you shouldn’t have or perhaps you said the wrong thing in a meeting causing an unforgettable moment of embarrassment. You are not alone. […]

Climbing the corporate ladder may not be for you and that’s OK!

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Like many undergrads fresh out the starting gate, I couldn’t wait to get to work. I had a bright shiny new degree, a serious fire in my belly and student loans to think about. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to work in New York City, for a Fortune 500 brand, and build […]

Never Underestimate the “I” in P.I.E.

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Those of us who operate in the corporate or white collar arena have heard of the acronym P.I.E. before. It’s commonly used in presentations and/or trainings as a way to be most successful. For those who are unfamiliar with this, I will briefly explain. P.I.E. stands for Performance, Image and Exposure. The thought behind this […]

Beware: Your voicemails Could Be Costing You the Offer!

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I’ve been working with job seekers for years, and I can tell you that the details surrounding your communication with your prospective employer are important! You need to pay close attention to your verbally and non-verbal communication during all interviews be especially mindful of how you’re presenting yourself on your emails and voice mails. There […]

Five Lies You’ll Hear On A Job Search

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LIE NUMBER ONE We’re still sorting out the job description, reporting relationship and salary range for the job. How ridiculous and unprofessional can you be, to waste job-seekers’ time and your own HR team’s energy in an interview process before you know what you need? That’s almost sure to be a lie, and if it’s […]