Good Read!: “Stop Using These 30 Phrases At Work!”

This article is amazing! It’s a quick read and Bernard Marr gets right to the point. So often those of us in corporate america use these phrases without even thinking about it. It’s become almost a second language and if you don’t speak the language it’s almost as if you’re not in the club. I agree that these phrases can be annoying and we should try to limit our use of them and stick to using “The King’s English” whenever possible. Read it for yourself and let me know what you think!

“I reckon every office or workplace has one of those people that are just full of jargon-ridden management drivel. Does this kind of ‘management speak’ remind you of someone at your work place: “Before going forward we have to touch base and reach out to our key stakeholders so that we can drill down into the key issues that are not yet on our radar and catch the low-hanging fruits…” Click here for entire article

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