Steps Every Strategic Job Seeker Should Take (Part 2)


In the interview you are judged largely by how you look. This is a key part of your overall presentation and if you are not presenting yourself well, a potential employer has no reason to move forward with you as a candidate. Novelty ties and/or belt buckles, those thick white gym socks every guy has in their sock drawer, hot pink hair extensions, oversized door-knocker earrings, and your 5-inch high heel platform pumps should ALL be left at home! These have no place in an interview or any professional corporate environment. Below are some pointers that everyone can keep in mind when pulling your professional look together. Feel free to use it as a checklist as well.


-Hair: Neat, simply styled (no loud colors unless of course your industry calls for it) and preferably pulled back

-Nails: Neat and clean. Nude, clear or French polish and no more than ¼ inch above the nail bed

-Make-up: Unless your profession calls for dramatic looks, less is more

-Clothing: Keep it simple. Clean shirt/blouse and when in doubt – wear black

-Jewelry: Keep it simple and elegant. No earrings or pendants larger than a nickel. No more than 4 pieces at a time and earrings count as two.

-Shoes: Flats or heels that are no more than 3 inches – No peep toe or platforms


-Hair: Short, neat and clean. No crazy colors unless it somehow relates to your job

-Nails: Clean, short and neat

-Facial Hair: Neat and clean or clean shaven

-Clothing: Simple tie, clean pressed collared well-fitting shirt, pressed well-fitting pants, dress socks, simple cufflinks, black or brown belt

-Jewelry: Simple masculine watch. Wedding band. That’s it!

-Shoes: Clean, polished loafers or dress shoes. Black or brown

Things to remember: Unless you’re a make-up artist, hair stylist or fashion designer, less really is more. Whatever you are wearing should fit you well. It shouldn’t be too loose fitting or too tight. Your hair and nails really should be neat and clean. Your jewelry should be minimal and shouldn’t dominate your overall look. Just keep it simple!

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