Millennials and the Entrepreneur Mindset

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Today’s Gen-Y workforce AKA Millennials are changing the way we look at work. They’re (I suppose I should say we’re) changing workplace cultures, manager mindsets and the image of the successful executive. Perhaps one characteristic of Millennials that stands out most is their entrepreneurial mindset. This doesn’t mean that every millennial is going to run […]

“I Had NO Idea!”

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I remember being a young coordinator happy to have my first real job out of undergrad. I interviewed successfully, got my offer letter and had been on-board for about a year. It was annual review time. I had filled out my employee portion and my manager completed hers. I had my note pad, my copy […]

Beware: Your voicemails Could Be Costing You the Offer!

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I’ve been working with job seekers for years, and I can tell you that the details surrounding your communication with your prospective employer are important! You need to pay close attention to your verbally and non-verbal communication during all interviews be especially mindful of how you’re presenting yourself on your emails and voice mails. There […]