The Top 10 Reasons People Hate Their Job

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Not everyone comes into work with the same level of engagement, motivation, and passion each day. But if more than a few of your employees are making a habit out of being tired, stressed, and unmotivated, you might have a problem on your hands. A recent study by Dale Carnegie Training showed that nearly three-quarters […]

Five EASY Things You Can Do To Appear More Professional

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Regardless of your vocation, level of education or employment background the need to present yourself professionally is important. The ability to make a positive lasting impression on someone may just be the thing that gets you the job you’re interviewing for or gets you’re the promotion you’ve been vying for. Don’t get me wrong, image […]

5 Ways to Make Your Small Business More Sustainable

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Sustainability is not just a trending topic; It is the future of creating efficient operations that not only meet the bottom line but reduce the carbon footprint of enterprises. Small businesses can create a lot of waste from thousands of sheets of paper that pass hands internally to kitchenettes using plastic and styrofoam cups on […]

7 Modern Day Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression

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Dale Carnegie wrote a fantastic book back in 1936 that really spelled out How to Win Friends and Influence People, and in my view it was so successful and continues to be successful because it contains such a lot of common sense about treating others how we ourselves like to be treated. Unfortunately, we sometimes […]

How to Be a Better Boss? Spend Time on the Front Lines

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To succeed in upper management, consider walking in the shoes of your lower-level workers. Scott Moorehead, Carolyn Kibler and Don Fertman did exactly that at different stages of their careers. They gleaned potent insights that made them more effective leaders and authentic communicators. Such lessons could hasten your advancement, too. Facing increased turnover during the […]