Meet Pamela Shand

Pamela Shand

Talent Acquisition Strategist, Career Coach, Educator, Author & Founder of Offer Stage Consulting, LLC

my story

I grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, the daughter of Costa Rican and Jamaican parents. To this day, my mom is the hardest working person I know. She definitely set the bar high when it came to ambition, work ethic, and perseverance.

I started my career working with Fortune 500 companies like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and MetLife.  Eventually, I started taking what I learned on the job and using it to help my friends who were graduating after me. I would improve their resumes and soon after, they’d get better-paying jobs. Around the same time, I was becoming frustrated with what I’ll call the ugly side of recruitment. I hated seeing people who were qualified get turned down because they didn’t have the right approach, connections, or keywords on their resumes. I became frustrated with the attitudes of some hiring managers and found myself constantly creating opportunities for education and training. I started to think that if I had my own company, I could do what was necessary without worrying about what my boss would think.

After wrapping grad school, getting married, and becoming a mom, I launched Offer Stage Consulting, LLC in 2017 initially to assist job seekers then expanded to serving the business as well. As a recruitment leader, I see that the hiring process is not a 1-sided process. It’s not just about candidates having it all together – the people responsible for making the hiring decisions need to have the proper training and tools as well or the problems we see with hiring will continue. I work with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to shape their hiring processes, mitigate risk, and see success.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, INC. Magazine, Bustle, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider to name a few, and released my first book entitled, “How to Hire,” in 2020.

I enjoy collaborating with others and I enjoy giving back. In addition to hosting educational events with YWCA and Neighbors Helping Neighbors, I’m also a partner with global charity Recruiters Give Back.

When working with my clients or living life in general, my principals are simple. I believe in honest and straight-forward communication. I believe in integrity and paying it forward. I believe in professionalism and treating people fairly. I believe in doing things with love, passion, and a positive attitude or not at all.

Everybody needs help at some point. Whether it’s helping a candidate find their next great role, or helping a manager hire talent for their team or company, helping others is my life’s work.

If there’s anything Offer Stage Consulting can do to help you, let me know!