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Steps Every Strategic Job Seeker Should Take: Part 1

Traditionally, job seekers think about their job search in very basic terms:

  • Update resume
  • Send resume out
  • Pray you get the interview
  • Pray you get the job

This is not enough, and it’s this kind of thinking that will cause many to fail in this highly competitive job market. Employers, Recruiters, and the like, all view the hiring process strategically. This means that they are looking for more than just a candidate
who has done the job before or who looks good in a suit. With the economy being
where it is, and the job market being what it is, employers know that the odds
are definitely in their favor. They are putting more effort into their recruitment strategies and when it comes to looking for your next role, you need to approach this process strategically as well.


Many candidates schedule and go on interviews knowing absolutely nothing about the company. This is NOT good! It is the informed candidate who has the advantage. Before the interview, before you apply, do some research on the company! By the time you get ready to interview you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What industry is this company in?
  • Who are their direct competitors?
  • What is their mission statement?
  • Are they on the Fortune 500? (If so, where did they place on that list?)
  • Are most employees happy at this company? (You
    can view sites like,, for this type of

Having the answers to these questions will help you as a job
seeker decide if this job or this company is for you. Also, this information
will make you more knowledgeable than a competing candidate thereby giving you
the advantage.

….. to be continued with Step 2: DRESS THE PART!!….

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