Resume Writing

Myth-Busters: Fact or Fiction


The “Myth Buster” feature will expose common beliefs in the professional
world. This feature will highlight a different idea each time and confirm
whether that idea is fact or fiction

“I NEED to have an objective on my resume”

FICTION: Objectives are NOT necessary,
but they can be helpful, especially if you lack experience in the field you’re
trying to get into. If you are a recent grad or career changer, the objective
makes it clear to the Hiring Manager/Recruiter, what you’re looking for. If you have several years of experience as an
Auditor and your resume shows that, you don’t need an objective stating that
you’re looking for an Auditor role. If it’s clear by your resume what you’re
looking for then this piece is not necessary, however if you have spent 20
years as an Auditor and are now interested in being an Ops VP then yes, you
would need an objective on your resume.

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