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What we can all learn from a “Professional TV Watcher.”

The creativity of today’s job seekers and entrepreneurs never ceases to amaze me. With everyone being so focused on standing out from the crowd and creating a marketable persona for themselves, resourceful job hunters have come up with everything from clever job titles to ingenious ways to sell their knowledge, skills and abilities (check out this article I posted some time ago).

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a professional profile of someone who marketed themselves as a “Professional TV Watcher.” Needless to say, I was shocked at first then almost immediately, was quite impressed. This person clearly has a vision for themselves and is fearless about putting that vision out there. While listing an inventive job title on your professional profile or resume isn’t absolutely necessary, there is something to be learned from these gifted folks.

Number 1: Believe in your vision

You’d be surprised how far the right dose of confidence will get you. When you have a vision for your life or your career, don’t be afraid to make it a reality. Take it seriously. If you don’t know how to begin, find people who can help you. Adopt a mentor who genuinely supports your idea. It’s OK to take it one step at a time, just make it happen!

Number 2: Take a risk…. or two

Traditional thinking won’t cut it. If you want to conquer new territory, you have to be willing to do something radical. Think of a need that your unique blend of qualities and abilities can meet and go from there. Resist the urge to simply do what’s already been done. Experiment with new methods of getting your brand to the public and generating revenue.

Number 3: Don’t get comfortable

When blazing a trail, the worst thing you can do is become complacent. Never stop networking. Continue to attend learning sessions. Keep reading! Consult your client base on ways you can serve them better and use their feedback to make some necessary changes. Consider your visuals and update them regularly. Keep your brand fresh in the eyes of your target audience.

Look around you. There are so many ideas, visions and services that seemed strange at first and have now become the norm. I’m sure the person who opened the first pet grooming salon or first sold themselves as a Food Critic received more than a few strange looks. Don’t worry about those. Believe in your brand. Take a risk. Keep pushing forward.

Remember: “If you feel like you have a $100-idea or a $1 Million-idea, just go for it… If you see gold, it probably is.” ~Derek Berry

You CAN do this!

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